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The license information consists of a License Key and the License Name. The License Key is a string that consists of 10 blocks with six characters each.

i_round_bluePaessler PRTG Enterprise Monitor subscription licenses do not have a License Name.

License Information


License Key


License Name

Example Organization

Your License Information

For the trial edition and freeware edition, you receive the required license information on the Paessler web page when you download the trial edition of PRTG. When you install the trial edition, you usually do not need to manually enter your license key, as the installation setup program extracts all the necessary information from the file name. If the installer cannot extract the information from the file name or if other issues occur, you might need to enter your license information manually.

For the commercial edition, you receive your license information from Paessler via email or in a license document in the Paessler Software Shop and Customer Service Portal. When you install the commercial edition, PRTG asks you to enter your license information during the setup process. We recommend that you copy and paste the information.

i_round_blueIf there are issues with the license information, PRTG asks you to verify your License Key and License Name on the first login.

i_round_blueYou can find the label License Owner in some documents from the Paessler shop. License Owner is the same as License Name. PRTG might ask you for this information during installation or when you change your license key.

i_square_cyanFor more information about the different licenses, see section Available Licenses.

Change License Key

Because PRTG already asks for a license key during installation, you usually do not need to manually enter one afterward. However, there are still scenarios where you need to change your license key and activate the respective license. For example, you must provide your commercial edition license key if you want to upgrade from a freeware edition or trial edition, or if you want to upgrade your commercial edition license to one with a higher sensor count.

To enter a new license key, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the PRTG web interface.
  2. Select Setup | License Information from the main menu bar.
  3. Click Change License Key. The Update Your License page appears where you can activate your new license.
  4. Select the activation type Automatic (online activation with optional HTTP proxy) if your PRTG core server can connect to the internet.

Without internet access, you must select Manual (offline activation). The activation process works a bit differently in this case and requires manual interaction. See section License Information for more information.

  1. Enter your license information and click Update License.
  2. PRTG connects to the Paessler activation server on port 443 and validates your license.

If everything works fine, you see the message Activation was successful as License Status at the top of the page.

i_round_blueThe PRTG core server needs an internet connection on port 443 to activate. If a proxy connection is needed, see step 3 on the Update Your License page. If the activation fails, you can also try an offline activation.

i_square_cyanFor more information, see section License Information.

Update Your License: Click Change License Key

Update Your License: Click Change License Key


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